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Let your Taxes Work for You

We work with individuals and companies to turn their tax liability into an income producing asset.

Your Tax Liability is Valuable

We got started in this business because we wanted to access Tax Equity but couldn't find a way. We had to develop projects from the ground up to get it. Since then, we've successfully placed individuals and corporate tax equity in investment-grade commercial solar assets.

NextGrid offers fully-managed Tax Equity Partnerships for individuals and corporations with large tax bills.

Tax Equity Investors in our solar projects reduce their effective tax rate, earn a return with their tax bill and fund renewable energy in support of future generations.

How Tax Equity Partnerships Work

  1. We develop or purchase a portfolio of solar projects
  2. An Investor buys a minority stake in our portfolio forming a Partnership
  3. The Investor is allocated all of the tax credits and earns interest on their equity contribution to the Partnership
  4. After Year 5, the Partnership flips and the Investor is bought out of the Partnership
How may we help?

We support investors of all sizes, and understand that your situation is unique. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you find it.

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